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Community College of K. B. Women’s College



Community College of K.B. Women’s College




K. B. Women’s College has got approval for community college from University Grants Commission vide letter no.

D. O. No. F.1.36/2015 (CC) dated 08.06.2015 for DIPLOMA IN MEDICAL LABORATORY TECHNOLOGY

 (DMLT). Medical Lab Technology (DMLT) is one of the fast growing fields in Health Care Area. Medical Laboratory

   Technologists examine and analyze body fluids, tissues, blood typing, micro organisms, chemical analysis, cell counts

  etc of the human body. They help Doctors to detect, diagnose and in treating the patients of various diseases. They

 play an important role in collecting the information needed for treating most pathology cases by sampling, testing,

    analysing and reporting such investigations.



  •    More than 3,50,000 medical laboratory technician will be required in one 1,75,000 hospitals/PHCS/Nursing

          Homes and by Medical Professional by 2020 as the country’s population would rise to more than 125 crores.


  •   The Diploma holder may open her own clinical Laboratory or under the supervision of a qualified Medical

            Professional/ Pathologist/Registered Medical Practitioner.


  •  The Diploma holder may be appointed as a Medical Laboratory Supervisors/Technicians/ Assistants in all

          Private Hospitals/Nursing Homes.

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