newAdmissions Open 2018-19 in Bachelor in Computer Application(BCA), Bachelor in Corporate Secretaryship( BCS), Bachelor in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics (CND), Bachelor in Fashion Designing & DMLT Last Date Submission of Admission Form - 7th July'2018 Counselling & Admission from 10th July to 28th July' 2018 Classes Started from 25th July' 2018

Department with Faculty



The faculty is the principal driver of change through their direct involvement in every aspect of the college, be its academics, governance, research & consultancy. They combine the very highest standards of teaching and mentoring with diverse background. The rich diversity of their backgrounds installs in the students a continuous desire to achieve excellence.


Department of Pol. Sc.
Sl. Name Designation Date of Joining
1 Dr. Anupa Devi Associate Professor 10.12.1981
2 Dr. S.B. Prasad Assistant Professor 07.10.1985
Department of Economics
1 Dr. Mukul Kumar Assistant Professor 07.10.1985
2 Mrs. Krishna Pradhan Assistant Professor 03.03.2008
3 Mrs. Mercy Anjana Tirkey Assistant Professor 03.03.2008
Department of History
1 Dr. Kiran Dwivedi Associate Professor 17.12.1981
Department of Hindi
1 Dr. Sharda Sharma Assistant Professor 19.11.1996
2 Dr. Sandhya Prem Assistant Professor 19.11.1996
3 Dr. Pushpa Kumari Assistant Professor 03.03.2008
4 Dr. Anupama Singh Assistant Professor 03.03.2008
Department of English
1 Miss Anita Alda Assistant Professor 08.03.2008
Department of Urdu
1 Dr. Amber Khatoon Assistant Professor 19.11.1996
Department of Sanskrit
1 Dr. Ram Pyare Mishra Assistant professor 07.10.1985
Department of Psychology
1 Mrs. Sabita Verma Assistant Professor 07.10.1985
2 Mrs. Savitri Sharma Assistant professor  
Department of Music
1 Mrs. Poonam Dhan Assistant Professor 03.03.2008
Department of Home Science
1 Dr. Shakuntala Kumari Assistant Professor 03.03.2008
2 Dr. Meena Singh Assistant Professor  
Department of Philosophy
1 Dr. J.S. Raven Associate Professor 11.12.1981
2 Dr. Navin Sahay Assistant Professor 07.10.1985
Department of Botany
1 Dr. Mamta Sinha Associate Professor 18.11.1981
2 Dr. S. Chakaraborty Assistant Professor  
Department of Zoology
1 Dr. Shanti Marandi Associate Professor 24.11.1984
2 Mrs. Rita Sahay Assistant Professor  
Department of Chemistry
1 Dr. Subha Srivastava Associate Professor 28.08.1981
2 Dr. Krishna Thakur Associate Professor 12.01.1982
3 Mrs. Mala Daftuar Assistant Professor  
4 Mrs. Abha Kumari Assistant Professor  
Department of Physics
1 Dr. Niharika Yadav Sr. Lecturer 13.09.1991
2 Dr. Laxmi Shiveshwari Assistant Professor 19.11.1996
Department of Mathematics
1 Dr. Janardan Jha Assistant Professor 07.10.1985
2 Mrs. Sarita Jha Assistant Professor 14.03.2008
Department of Commerce
1 Dr. Surendra Kr. Sinha Assistant Professor 07.10.1985
2 Dr. B.D. Trivedi Assistant professor 07.10.1985
“Education is not the filling of a pail but the lightning of a fire.”

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